Animal Health

Antiseptic & Antibiotic Sprays

Wound and Pinkeye Spray

  • Indications: As an aid in the topical treatment of infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis (Pinkeye) in cattle due to bacteria susceptible to neomycin and for topical use as a wound dressing for minor cuts and abrasions of cattle, sheep and horses.
  • Pinkeye: Remove pus and exudate from eyes. From a distance of approximately 15 cm, spray into and around the eye by depressing trigger. Repeat treatment every 6 to 12 hours until improvement occurs or for a maximum of 6 applications.
  • Wounds: For minor cuts and abrasions, spray to affected area from a distance of approximately 15 cm by depressing trigger. Repeat every 6 to 12 hours until improvement occurs or for a maximum of 6 applications. Do not apply to extensive areas of the body.


Indications: A soothing cream for topical application. A mild astringent and protective in skin diseases. Indicated as an aid in the treatment of moist eczema and abrasions such as chapped teats or where a soothing, healing effect is desired in cattle and horses.


Indications: Erythro-36 is recommended for treating subclinical bovine mastitis due to Streptococcus agalactiae, a major cause of mammary infections. This product may be used in either lactating or dry cows. Tests have pointed out that Erythro-36 is generally effective in eliminating subclinical mastitis due to this organism.

Kopper Kare

Kopper Kare is a water-resistant protection for the treatment of thrush in horses and ponies. A fungicide-antiseptic-astringent solution indicated for use in the treatment of footrot on cattle and sheep.

Available: 475ml

Nitro Ointment

Indications: For use in the treatment of topical bacterial infections of large animals susceptible to Nitrofurazone.

Directions for use:

  • Wet Dressing – Dilute with 2 – 3 parts of water or saline and apply several times daily as a wet dressing.
  • Dry Dressing – Clean area with soap and water.
  • Dry thoroughly.
  • Apply ointment directly to the affected area.

Bentadine Surgical Scrub

Antiseptic, microbicidal cleanser with povidone-iodine (.75%). Won’t irritate or stain. Use as a wash or scrub. For preparation of the skin prior to surgery. Helps to reduce bacteria that potentially can cause skin infection.

Bentadine Solution

Topical, water-based antiseptic microbicide used to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses. With povidone-iodine. Use full strength for: Preoperative prepping of skin and mucous membranes & Preventing bacterial infection.


Effective treatment of surface wounds, abrasions, and ringworm. Antiseptic, fast-drying Blu-Kote is highly effective against pus-producing bacteria and common fungus infections. Penetrates to reduce pus formation and dry up secretions of pox-like lesions.

Packaged in:

  • 4 oz. Dauber bottle
  • 4 oz. Non-aerosol spray
  • 5 oz. Aerosol spray

Blue Lotion Antiseptic Wound Dressing & Gall Lotion

A quick-drying, deep-penetrating wound dressing and gall lotion to aid in the treatment of surface wounds, minor cuts and abrasions, harness galls and saddle sores.

  • Handy dauber bottle is excellent for use on animals skittish about aerosol application.
  • For use on horses and dogs.
  • 4 oz. dauber bottle.